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Who we are

We are specialists in education consultancy, guiding students in their process of admission into British Universities. We are committed to direct the students towards the most suitable educational course considering their personal circumstances, educational needs and career aspirations.

We are an organisation with over years of experience in the field, led by a team of entrepreneurial and professional individuals with experience in recruitment, Marketing, and consultancy. Our main target is to make your educational period a life-rewarding and changing experience.

We are absolutely committed to making a difference in the student’s life. We offer our full support in order to help students decide for their most suitable course. We respect education and people that agree to follow it and we believe it does bring a real change in the lives of students.

We offer advice to our students helping them choose the right course depending on their future aspirations, current job and other personal circumstances. Our team of professionals has great experience in the student finance process and matters and our purpose is to have all applications successfully accepted.

As an organisation constantly expanding, we are looking to extend our services and are open to new ideas and suggestions looking for ambitious and smart individuals to join our team.